Jess May Funeral Celebrant with Brighton Funerals


Welcome! I’m Jess May, double award winning Funeral Celebrant here at Brighton Funerals, home to Crazy Diamonds Funerals.

I’ve been a Celebrant for over a decade and I’ve learned that people want a Celebration of Life that is more about LIFE than Death.

Giving people one last round of applause is a beautiful thing and that can happen anywhere and at any time. Funerals can honour and celebrate life in any way you choose.

Whether you are having a Direct Cremation, a DIY Funeral or a No Fuss Funeral my Living Wakes, Eulogy Writing Services and Memorials are for you.

Funeral Ceremonies feel like this?

Let’s not have a funeral

  • A Direct Cremation works better for us.
  • We find funerals Depressing.
  • What’s the point in a funeral if the person is not there to enjoy it?


  • A DIY funeral sounds like a good idea.
  • A No-Fuss Funeral or a Family-Led Funeral is for us.
  • It needs to be in a special place.

COULD WE HAVE A memorial later?

  • The shock is too. much, we are not ready
  • Some of us need to plan to be there.
  • Everything feels rushed.

What’s allowed?

  • How can we find out what is allowed?
  • We don’t have anyone to write their story.
  • It doesn’t feel right to do ‘nothing’.

You want to feel like this instead?

Let’s do away with a funeral!

  • We are not dreading something we dread and can do it our way.
  • Having a Celebration of Life does away with all the fuss pomp and ceremony.
  • It doesn’t have to be after our person dies.


  • We can have a DIY funeral, it will be affordable but we can still hafe support.
  • It makes a No-Fuss possible, we can have the creative ceremony we wanted: We are in our favourite venue
  • Let’s have it in our special place.

Of course we CAN HAVE a memorial  later

  • The timing can be exactly right.
  • It means everyone can plan to be there.
  • We will feel relaxed and will have had more time to come to terms with the shock.

No one can stop us having what we need.

  • We can have an experienced professional to make sure that happens
  • We have an expert eulogy-writer to tell our stories.
  • We are feeling positive as we are in control.

My services

My Funeral Services offer alternatives to tradtional funeral ceremonies. Click here to find out more about my Living Wakes, Eulogy Writing and Memorials. Everything you need to create a meaningful Celebration of Life that works for you.

A rainbow coloured feather dream catcher being held in the wind on a beach.

Before they pass

pink feather dreamcatcher

With a coffin

A flower arrangement with sunflowers

With ashes

A rainbow coloured feather dream catcher being held in the wind on a beach.

No coffin or ashes

To hear more about DIY Funerals, Family Led Funerals and how to ask for help when you are doing it all yourself DIY how to ask for help

Client Love for Brighton Funerals

“I love that you don’t ‘stand on ceremony’!” 


“You make every single person in the room feel as though you are talking only to them. Like great music. 


“…it was more than we could cope with, not only shock but pure grief. Jess was incredible taking all of the difficult parts of the service on her shoulders.”


Here is a little bit about my experience

10 years experience as a Celebrant

First Class degree in Theology & Contemporary Spirituality

Award Winning ceremonies

Co-founder of Coffin Club Brighton

Reputation for Alternative funeral ceremonies for unconventional souls

Specialist in ceremonies for Direct Cremations

Creative Flair & splendid writing

Expert in family dynamics

11 years working in the largest Arts Centre in Europe

10 years pursuing ordination to the Priesthood

Celebrant Mentor at The Academy of Modern Celebrancy

Moderator for Lifting the Lid Festival of Death & Dying 2022/2023

Penchant for Crazy Diamonds & creatives

Ceremonies for the Young & young at heart

“It was a really stressful event because of family dynamics and Jess managed this amazingly well to help reduce the burden on me and to enable everyone to grieve. This was something that was priceless to me.



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