Brighton Funeral Celebrant

Civil Celebrant; Giving People One Last Round of Applause

Welcome, I’m Jess May a Brighton Funeral Celebrant, your trusted Civil Celebrant. I specialise in creating unique and heartfelt farewells, from Living Funerals and Creative Memorials to No-Fuss Funeral Services. I believe in giving people one last hurrah, ensuring a fitting and honourable send-off that truly reflects their wishes.

Break free from tradition and celebrate life as you want. Whether you’re looking for a personalised ceremony or a simple, dignified service, I’m here to help you honour your loved one in the most meaningful way.

Jess May sitting on a stool.

Brighton Funeral Celebrant

Funerals can be complex because of having to navigating deep emotions, family dynamics, and long-standing traditions. As an experienced Funeral Celebrant, I see how people feel pressured to conform to conventional norms, even when those don’t feel right for their loved one. Can you relate to the following:


  • Trapped by conventional funeral norms.
  • Unaware of alternative memorial and funeral options.
  • Seeking reassurance that alternative funerals are acceptable and possible.
  • Struggling with grief and the pressure to organise a meaningful send-off.
  • In need of support and guidance in planning a non-traditional funeral.


  • Satisfied to have found a funeral or memorial service that honours the unique life of your loved one.
  • Empowered and validated in choosing an alternative approach away from traditional norms.
  • Achieved closure and peace through a meaningful, personalised service.
  • Family bonds are strengthened and you’ve received positive feedback.

This is where I can make a significant difference. By working with me, a Civil Celebrant, you are not alone and together we will create a meaningful, personalised occasion that is fitting for your loved one.

“We felt ‘held’ in such a dificult and sad time – Jess has a gift and I’m glad she gets to offer this.”

– Rosie

Jess May holding beach umbrella on a cobbled beach with the ocean behind her.


My Funeral Services offer alternatives to traditional funeral ceremonies. Find out more about my living funerals, creative memorials and no-fuss funerals.

I provide everything you need to create a meaningful Celebration of Life that works for you, your family and your loved one.

Funeral Services

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With A Coffin


With Ashes


Kind Words

“It was more than we could cope with, not only shock but pure grief. Jess was incredible taking all of the difficult parts of the service on her shoulders.”


“It was really stressful event because of family dynamics and Jess managed this amazingly well to help reduce the burden on me and to enable everyone to grieve.”